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Urban Programmers Take Over The Queen City

The annual Urban PD Clinic was held in Charlotte two weeks ago. What once started out in Atlanta as a relatively small gathering of PDs has grown into a one-day intense workshop that this year attracted more than 80 people, including about 30 programmers and a variety of GMs, owners, personalities and related peers.
Things actually kicked off Thursday evening with a dinner hosted by R&B group Deep Side, who put on a show that included displaying their ability to sing a capella. By 8:30 a.m. the next morning, Arbitron guru Julian Davis had cracked the whip (smile) and everyone was gathered for several intense sessions offering information about PD Advantage, Diary Weighting, future programs and Selector. Definitely a highlight was the session with Cumulus' Jim Kennedy, Clear Channel's Doc Wynter, Inner City's Deon Washington and "The Doctor" Jerry Boulding - Redefining the New Reality."
Points made:
- Radio still reaches 96 percent of America each week (Deon Livingstong commenting on worries about satellite radio).
- Spins are down because syndication has taken away some of the time formerly dedicated to music (Jerry Boulding).
- It's all about entertainment (Jim Kennedy on Local vs. Syndication).
- Radio DJs are not the same thing as compelling radio personalities. I can teach an entertainer with


Pictured above (l-r): KJLH Los Angeles PD Aundrae Russell, WBLS New York PD Vinny Brown, WWDM Columbia, S.C. PD Mike Love, WIIZ Augusta PD Bobby Nicholls, WBTF Lexingtin, KY PD Jay Alexander and WKYS Washington, D.C. PD Derrick Brown.

something compelling to say how to do radio, but I can teach a radio person how be an entertainer (Vinny Brown, PD of WBLS/New York).
- Return phone calls! You don't know when you will end up disconnected. You can be on top of your game one day and fired the next and may need to reach out to some of those same people you didn't return calls (Jerry Boulding).
- Black talk is what you hear when you listen to Star & Buckwild, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams. We're starting to see the return of real singers, and that's something we need to take responsible for (Doc Wynter).
- A lot of PDs don't know how to develop talent because they came up in an era where management told them to shut up and play more music with only 15-second breaks. We are in a downward spiral right now (Deon Livingston, Inner City Broadcasting).

Blazin' 92.3 Macon PD Gentleman George, Foxy 99 PD Jeff Anderson & Blazin' personality Al B Sylk

Arbitron News...
Effective with the Winter 2006 survey, Arbitron began classifying the race and ethnicity of diarykeepers based on the individual diarykeeper's answer to a new question added to the diary. Race and ethnicity are used as weighting criteria in 179 Arbitron radio Metros that have Black and/or Hispanic controls.
Historically, Arbitron collected information about race and ethnicity during the initial diary placement call, and the race/ethnicity of diarykeepers was determined at a household level. That means that all members of a household, including mixed-race households, were assigned the same race/ethnicity. With the new Personal Race/Ethnicity procedure, Arbitron can better determine the ethnic composition of its survey samples, weighting more appropriately in ethnically controlled markets.
Winter 2006 Phase 1 Arbitrend markets with Black and/or Hispanic controls includes a months' worth of sample that is based on Personal Race/Ethnicity and two months' worth of sample based on Household Race/Ethnicity. Next month, Phase 2 will reflect two month's worth of sample based on Personal Race/Ethnicity. When the Winter 2006 results are released, 100% of the sample in these markets will be based on Personal Race/Ethnicity and will remain that way going forward.
Ethnic Enhancements are just a few of many initiatives that Arbitron is implementing as part of its "Better Measurement" program. To learn more, follow this link http://www.arbitron.com/radio_stations/wcu_ethnic_main.asp.

WWWZ Charleston MD Yonni & Citadel director/urban programming Terry Base

Click here to access Arbitron

Pictured right (l-r) Members of Deep Side, WFXA Augusta PD Ron Thomas (third from left), WQNC Charlotte personality Jewel Carter, WBTF Lexington, KY PD Jay Alexander & industry consultant David Linton.

The gang was there! ... at the Urban PD Clinic in Charlotte

Pictured (l-r): PD Minnesota Fattz (Power 107 Augusta), PD Gentleman George (Blazin' 92.3 Macon), Amande Johnson (Capitol Records), PD/Owner Tori Bailey (WZZA Tuscumbia, AL), Reuben Rodriguez, PD Rashon Vance (Cumulus Albany, GA), A.J. Savage (J Records) and MD TuTu of Power 107 (Augusta).

J Records' A.J. Savage and WBLS PD Vinny Brown

WEUP PD Big Ant, KSJM Wichita PD Hozie Mack, WWDM PD Mike Love, WFMV Columbia PD Tony Green

Moses Media's Don Cody, WQNC Charlotte's Jewel Carter, Jerry Boulding & WZZA's Tori Bailey

The group Deep Side with Temmora and Don Cody

"The Doctor" Jerry Boulding & personality Guy Black

PD Rob Neal, Don Cody & TAP's Teddy Astin


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